‘I’m proud I wore sheer dress in public – they’re not just for thin people’

Social media star Bella Davis has taken to her Instagram page this week to flaunt her figure in a sheer dress. Despite looking great in the lime green number, the influencer, from Sydney, Australia, told her 264,000 fans that she had been worried about wearing it in public. However, Bella – known for her body acceptance content – said she was proud she’d decided to wear the dress out to a concert in the end. The dress saw Bella flash her black bra top and knickers under the sparkly, sheer material.

Bella Davis poses in a sheer green dress
Bella looked amazing in this sheer dress (Image: isabelladavis6/Instagram)

She teamed the dress with some black boots and glowing makeup – including a matching lime green eye shade. Bella kept things simple with her dark locks, as she sported her tresses in a chic ponytail. Meanwhile, she finished the look off with a pair of sassy hoop earrings. Bella was seen posing with her hand on her hip and laughing into the camera, before turning around to share a cheeky shot of her rear. Captioning the post, she wrote: “A few years ago I would have never thought I’d wear a sheer dress in the house let alone to a concert where thousands and thousands of people could see my back rolls, soft tummy, stretch marks and cellulite.

Bella Davis poses in a sheer green dress
She said you don’t have to be thin to rock dresses like this (Image: isabelladavis6/Instagram)
Bella Davis poses in black underwear
The influencer is known for her body acceptance posts (Image: isabelladavis6/Instagram)

“But here I am! I did it. I wore the sheer dress out and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! “I used to believe that sheer/tight dresses were only for thin bodies and that I could never wear a sheer/tight dress because my body is soft and squishy but I was wrong because they are for all bodies! “Don’t be afraid to let your dimples and soft tummy be seen because you deserve to wear the dress just as much as anyone else!” Bella also gave her fans some tips about dressing for their body time, as she told them not to be afraid to ‘size up’. She exclaimed: “It’s just a number. It means nothing! “Don’t punish your body by forcing it into a size too small. Allow your body room to breathe.”

Bella Davis poses in yellow lingerie
She often gets trolled for stripping off (Image: isabelladavis6/Instagram)

Bella also added: “Wear the dress and embrace every dimple, fold, roll and soft spot that gathers on your beautiful, glorious body.” Fans were loving the inspiring post, as many praised her for speaking out. One exclaimed: “You look amazing! So proud of you and so thankful for your positivity and inspiration always.” While another added: “Yesssss queen!! You look incredible!” “Well you just look fabulous and happy beautiful lady,” chimed in a third. Despite the gushing comments on her latest post, Bella admitted to Daily Star back in April that’s she’s ‘trolled daily’ for stripping off and flaunting her body. However, she said she doesn’t give ‘insecure’ haters the time of day.

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