‘I’m celebrating hairy girl summer — trolls beg me shave but I don’t care’

A woman has defied trolls who say she needs to shave her body hair as she revealed she’s proudly celebrating “hairy girl summer” this year. Mischa, a self-proclaimed ‘hairy woman’, has explained that she won’t shave her armpits and that she doesn’t care what other people say about it. The body-confident Brit has since even posted a series of defiant videos on social media showing off her body hair – which has left viewers divided. In one clip, which has gained more than 13,000 likes, she was seen swimming in the sea in a bright pink bikini.

Mischa, a blonde woman wearing a brown top
Mischa has declared it’s “hairy girl summer” this year (Image: @mischa.in.the.wild/TikTok)

But when she got out the water, she flaunted her body hair to the camera, while declaring it to be “Hairy girl summer” in the caption. Mischa then added: “You don’t have to shave to have a bikini body.” However, not everyone responded well to her body-positive message, with some calling her “disgusting” and begging for her to pick up the razor.

@mischa.in.the.wild You dont have to shae to have a bikini body #hairywomen #bodyhair Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

In the comments on the TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @girl_ontheroad, one person said she was: “Beautiful.” Another wrote: “Fantastic.” A third added: “Natural…Love it.” But not everyone has been so keen on it as one user commented: “That’s disgusting.” A second asked: “Have you ever heard of a shaver?”

Mischa posing in a pink bikini
TikTok followers praised the blonde beauty for embracing her natural body hair (Image: @mischa.in.the.wild/TikTok)

Meanwhile, another troll pleaded: “Just shave.” However, Mischa didn’t pay much attention to the haters and instead thanked those who were positive about her embracing her natural hair. “It’s so nice to hear all these sweet things about my body hair,” she said. “I’m just a natural woman and it really shouldn’t even be an issue if a woman has hairy armpits in the first place.”

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