‘I’m a hot mum and dress s@xily – I can’t go out without getting dirty looks’

A self-proclaimed ‘hot’ mum revealed that she can’t leave the house without getting ‘dirty looks’. Cherry Bloom, from Lanarkshire in Scotland, has always loved dressing up in risqué attire. The NHS cleaner and model’s wardrobe consists of stocking-style dresses and bikinis that just about hold her chest in place. Despite being happily married and having four kids between the ages of eight and 18, Cherry celebrates being a sexy woman. But as a result, the 41-year-old can’t leave the house without getting glared at or talked about. “I have become very well known through articles and word of mouth mostly in Scotland,” the model exclusively told us.

Cherry Bloom
Cherry Bloom is not short of attention when she goes out – the good and the bad (Image: cherrybloombabe/Instagram)

“But when I go out for a meal I get both men and woman making comments and looks. “Some positive, others negative – which seems to come with the territory. “The comments I get range from really positive like; ‘go girl good for you’, ‘she looks amazing why shouldn’t she show it’ and ‘I wish I had a body like that after kids’. “And the negative ones; ‘she should be ashamed what kind of woman does that’, ‘she must just let them hang out everywhere she goes’ and ‘she should know better at her age’.”

Cherry Bloom
The mum loves to flaunt her body (Image: cherrybloombabe/Instagram)

Ever since Cherry started to make headlines from her minimum wage hospital job and sexy side hustle, she has been the centre of attention around her local haunts. While she receives many compliments about her looks which make her “smile”, she isn’t keen on the negativity. But the trolls don’t quite dampen her spirits as they used to. “The positive comments do make me smile and feel confident where as the negative ones used to hurt me,” Cherry admitted. “But I’ve got used to them now and couldn’t care less about them. “I know I’m happy with what I’m doing I feel good and just think life is to short not to do what makes you happy.”

Cherry Bloom
She gets rude looks when she goes out for a meal (Image: cherrybloombabe/Instagram)
Cherry Bloom
Cherry will not change her sexy ways for anyone! (Image: cherrybloombabe/Instagram)

Regardless of what anyone thinks, the mum isn’t packing away her skin-tight dress nor her killer heels anytime soon. She wants to prove that all women of all ages can feel sizzling hot. “I will wear sexy outfits for the rest of my life,” Cherry expressed. “I believe any woman regardless of age can feel sexy and if that’s what makes you happy then do it. “I have always believed in teaching body confidence and there is no shame in showing your body at all I am proud to show off my body as it makes me feel good.”

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