‘I was s@xualised as teen but had last laugh – now I make fortune on OnlyFans’

A woman who struggled with people sexualising her body when she was younger says she finds empowerment in sex work.

Fenella Fox is an OnlyFans model who found success after making the decision to stop shaving.

While now at 29 years old the Bristol-based beauty has found her identity, when she was in high school she had a negative experience with the over-sexualisation of her body which caused her to doubt her place in the world.

Thankfully, she says sex work has taught her how to love her body again.

She exclusively told Daily Star: “I struggled a lot when I was younger with the over-sexualisation of my body.

“I found it so frustrating I would cry often over it. The boys around me touched and groped my body without my consent and my skirt was often being lifted at school in front of people.”

Fenella has been working in adult entertainment since she was 18
Fenella has been working in adult entertainment since she was 18 (Image: Fenella Fox)

At the time, she was experiencing daily name-calling and threats and people were constantly spreading rumours about her.

Fenella had stones thrown at her when she walked past bullies and things became even worse when she was beaten up by a group after school, who threw eggs at her and pulled her to the ground by her hair.

While she was left with the trauma of this for years, now she’s had the last laugh.

Fenella added: “Turning such a negative part of my life into a money maker made it positive. Not only did it pay my bills but it also paid for a lot of therapy and has given me a very fun life.”

The 29-year-old loves the work she does as she has the freedom to travel the world and work from her phone if she wants to.

Fenella turned a negative situation into a positive one when she started sex work
Fenella turned a negative situation into a positive one when she started sex work (Image: instagram.com/fenellascorner)

She also enjoys growing her social media and hopes to reach 500,000 followers on each platform one day.

“My social media following has opened a lot of very exciting doors for me over the years,” she shared.

“I have also met a lot of my closest friends through Instagram and I feel in control of my image.

“I always need a whole extra bedroom in my home just for my ‘work clothes’ as the way I dress online is very different to how I dress offline.

“I actually rarely show my cleavage outside of the internet I prefer to be covered up. I find high-neck clothing much more comfortable!”

While Fenella doesn’t plan to stop sex work any time soon, she previously told the Daily Star that she’s received vile messages from men over the years.

While Fenella dresses provocatively online, she doesn't dress like this in the real world
While Fenella dresses provocatively online, she doesn’t dress like this in the real world (Image: instagram.com/fenellascorner)

Some have taken it so far that they’ve sent her rape and death threats and she’s had multiple stalkers.

“I have stumbled upon forums where groups of men are sharing photos of me whilst discussing how I deserve to be raped and how they would do it,” she said.

“Many men have shared my name and location on forums sometimes boasting they’ve met me in person or went to school with me at the same time.

“I have had men throughout my career copying everything on my pay-to-view websites and sharing the content publicly for free with groups of other men.

“It’s very sad how many men will happily team up against women online, especially those in the sex industry.”

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