‘I was sl*t-shamed by table of old people over my top – but got last laugh’

Australian reality TV star Abbie Chatfield admitted that she was ‘sl*t-shamed’ while on a night out. The brunette model and host recently took to Instagram to share that she was heckled by a group of “boomers” who took issue with her outfit, specifically her top. Abby,28, said that she was sitting at a table while she rocked a cut-out style bodysuit from fashion brand God Save The Queens. Although, the glamourous number was not appreciated by the older folk who sat on the table adjacent to her. Abby claimed that the group were focusing on her boobs and noted that her attire was ‘shameful.’ She donned the exact outfit in a clip where she retaliated to the judgemental people after she had left the venue. The beauty expressed: “At the table of boomers loudly next to me b*tching about me saying they would be ‘ashamed if their daughter wore that top out.” Abby then expertly lip synched to a song that stated: “B*tch you know I’m sexy…they stare because they know I’m me.”

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie Chatfield shared the ordeal on Instagram (Image: @abbiechatfield/Instagram)

In the caption, Abby continued to respond to the ordeal. She blasted: “Sorry you have nothing left to talk about in ur (sic) crusty relationships ur (sic) kids probably would be the ones ashamed if they heard what you were saying!!! Me wearing a hot top doesn’t compare to you spending your night focusing on my t*ts and making it the main topic of conversation!” After Abbie posted the clip that racked up thousands of views, many people fled to the comments to defend her and her risqué outfit choice. Some said that the older people were just ‘jealous’. One person commented: “Jealousy is a disease!!”

Abbie Chatfield
The stunner didn’t hold back with her response! (Image: @abbiechatfield/Instagram)


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