‘I was called gross and smelly when I quit shaving – but body hair made me fortune’

A model was branded “gross” by keyboard warriors when she decided to stop shaving. Cherry, 26, put down the razor eight months ago to allow her natural fuzz to flourish. And now, she proudly flaunts her body hair online by posting sexy snaps. The content creator, from Seattle in the US, says a fan offered her £4,000 to groom herself. But another of her followers trumped the offer by paying £5,600 for her to never remove her intimate hair again. The decision to quit shaving has proven controversial – as Cherry is often met with insults from trolls about her pubic hair.

Cherry is a body hair embracing model (Image: instagram.com/ittybittycherie)

“Someone said to me recently that I must get such a dopamine rush from reading my comments on social media,” Cherry exclusively told us. I literally laughed out loud because the majority of them are generally harsh and insulting. “Mostly guys (and some girls too) telling me to shave, calling me gross and unhygienic, that I look like I smell. “Men seem to have this idea that when women have hair it’s unhygienic, but when they have it it’s just normal and fine. “Sometimes I try to encourage them to do some research and discover it’s actually less hygienic to shave. “Having razor burn sucks and I refuse to experience that ever again just so a man can feel a ‘prepubescent’ smooth vagina. “I think it’ll only be normalized when more women start doing it [not shaving].”

She often receives negative comments about her body hair on social media (Image: instagram.com/ittybittycherie)

The stunning model believes it’s “creepy” that some men want women to be hairless. Although there is a societal expectation for women to be smooth all over, Cherry urged that women having body hair is completely normal. She’s embraced her natural beauty – hair and all – and has now garnered a collective 150,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram. Cherry admitted that she receives questions from young women looking for advice on how to let their pubes run wild. “Hairless does not equal beautiful,” Cherry voiced. “If anything its f***ing creepy that men expect us to be hairless.

She thinks it’s “creepy” to want adult women to be hairless (Image: instagram.com/ittybittycherie)

“We’re adult women and we grow hair, there’s no reason to hide that other than society’s expectations. “And I don’t really care about them. “I have girls ask me all the time how I wear a bikini, what to explain to a guy, etc. “Honestly, my advice is to just go about it as if everything is normal. “It’s your body and it’s beautiful just the way it is.” As Cherry is often the target of cruel remarks, the attention she receives on social media comes with a price. That being around $20,000 (£15,588) a month, allegedly.

The model earns thousands from her hairy snaps (Image: instagram.com/ittybittycherie)

Along with her social media earnings and adult subscription profile, Cherry is raking in the money regularly. This has allowed her to travel the world as a ‘digital nomad’ where she is able to work from her phone around the globe. “I don’t let them get to me,” the model admitted in regards to the trolls. “The controversy sparks curiosity and I get paid on TikTok now for views longer than five seconds. “The joke is kind of on them, because if they’re taking the time to comment I’m getting paid for it. “There are also dope ass women who stand up for me and are grateful that they feel represented and that always makes me feel really good. “I’m happy to be able to spark the conversation.” You can find Cherry on TikTok here and Instagram here.

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