‘I relied on food banks to feed son for three years – but OnlyFans changed our lives’

A mum who relied on foodbanks to feed her son changed their lives by joining OnlyFans. Madison Fox, 32, from Norwich, struggled with bouts of debt after giving birth to her now eight-year-old son. She packed her stripping job in when she fell pregnant then took up part-time shifts at her local Co-op to see herself through. But after maxing out credit cards and taking out loans to keep a roof over their heads, it all became too much for Madison. Struggling with money, relying on foodbanks and with the looming thought of homelessness, the mum eventually sought therapy after becoming depressed with her situation. That was until a friend introduced her to OnlyFans – and now she hasn’t looked back.

Madison Fox posing
Mum Madison took to OnlyFans after struggling financially (Image: madisonfoxofficial/Instagram)

Maddison exclusively told Daily Star: “I started [OnlyFans] because me and my son were living off of food banks. “I got in a lot of debt as couldn’t afford to pay for things so knew this was the only way to support me and my son. [I used foodbanks] for about three years. “I ended up maxing out credit cards and getting loans just to keep a roof over mine and my sons head and then was struggling to pay it all back. “I was very low and depressed I ended up having therapy because of it until a friend introduced me to OnlyFans to help with money.”

Madison now works seven days a week – sometimes spending 12 hours a day creating saucy content to please her randy subscribers – alongside her role as a sterile technician in a hospital.

Madison Fox
The model and medical worker now lives a comfortable life with her eight-year-old son (Image: madisonfoxofficial/Instagram)
Madison Fox
She works with other raunchy creators to make NSFW content for her OnlyFans (Image: madisonfoxofficial/Instagram)

The mum films X-rated videos with both male and female adult stars, which earn her around £25,000 a year. And as a result, she’s gone from food banks to laying on feasts for Christmas and birthdays. Madison describes her profession as “life changing” – and has even made some friends in the process. “I enjoy making my fans happy and fulfilling their kinks and fantasies and the money of course as for working with other creators,” Madison explained. “I have met some of the best down to earth people and made friends for life.

Madison Fox
She now lives the life she wants for herself and her son (Image: madisonfoxofficial/Instagram)

“I’m able to live a comfortable life with my son and do the things we have always wanted to do so it has changed my life for the better. “We can now afford days out and go on holidays we have nicer Christmases and birthdays.” You can follow Madison on Instagram here.

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