‘I once wanted to cut my hips off – now I love flaunting them in s@xy swimwear’

A body positive babe revealed she once hated her hips so much she wanted to “cut them off” – but now she flaunts her bod in sexy swimwear because she’s proud of it.

Ariella Nyssa is known for creating body positive content on Instagram, and she now has over 750,000 followers who love the real content she creates.

Her goal is to celebrate “real” women’s bodies, and to remind women that curves and cellulite are “beautiful”.

In a recent post the blonde beauty modelled a blue patterned cut-out swimsuit to show how she now embraces her curves.

During her teenage years she said she spent a lot of time “hating” her hips, but now she wears outfits that show them off as she knows her body is “beautiful”.

Ariella Nyssa spent years hating her hips, but now she embraces them
She flaunted her curves in gorgeous blue cut-out swimwear (Image: ariellanyssa/Instagram)

Ariella isn’t shy of showing off her real bod and embracing it in all its natural glory.

She’s known for wearing outfits that celebrate her curves and cellulite, and she doesn’t let anything hold her back from wearing what she wants.

Her latest post shows how she’s learnt to embrace her bod, as the swimsuit is cut out at the sides and shows a lot of flesh.

The part of herself she used to hide is now what she’s deciding to put centre stage, and she looked fabulous.

Ariella Nyssa spent years hating her hips, but now she embraces them
The body positive babe has learnt to love her hips, and said they’re “beautiful” (Image: ariellanyssa/Instagram)

Writing on Instagram, Ariella said: “I used to hate my hips.

“I wanted to cut them off in high school, but I find them so beautiful now.

“They are literally one of my favourite things about myself.

“Flip the narrative on your biggest insecurities.

“Start to see them as beautiful. Even if you have to fake it at first!

“One day you will wake up and realise how incredible your body is.

“How beautiful your belly is, your hips, your arms, your legs.

“Your body is a miracle girl.”

Ariella Nyssa spent years hating her hips, but now she embraces them
People have since told Ariella they love her confidence and the message she sends to other women (Image: ariellanyssa/Instagram)

Since she shared the pictures over 12,000 people have liked them.

People were quick to tell Ariella how amazing she looked, and how much they admired her for “keeping it real”.

One person said: “You are beautiful.”

Another added: “My mom would always call my hips muffin top.

“I was so self-conscious. Now I love my curves.”

Meanwhile, a third commented: “I love your confidence and mission for women to embrace their body no matter their shape.”

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