‘I make body tape bikin!s for models – people always ask how we get them off’

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of body tape grace our catwalks. The sexy trend involves brave models getting their kit off to be completely taped up with the stuff. It’s so much more than just tape as the founder of Miami Art Body Tape recently told us. Andrei, who is the creator of the style, uses his creativity to new levels where he works with scores of women. He can spend hours with the brave females, just to cut and stick the tape in all the right places. Now in an exclusive chat with Daily Star, the Miami based fashion guru spilled the beans on how intricate it all is. He said: “Women love the body tape so much they wear it after an event and it can stay on until they sweat. “I don’t take off the tape, the models do that. I just put it on and then we’re doing the photoshoot. “They can put their clothes on and remove it when they want, but eventually the sweat can make it fall off.” And when asked if it’s painful, Andrei admitted: “No, it’s not super glue after all.” The body tape founder also claimed the designs are a form of art as he gives the models options of colours and more. When it comes to the entire process, Andrei said it can be up to 30 minutes or an hour. And as for wardrobe malfunctions, the Miami-based stylist added: “During the shoot, if it’s hot, the tape can come off. “So if they touch themselves, the tape can move but if they go in the pool then yeah it can also come off. “If they use oils as well can make it come off. “You have to be really careful. A malfunction hasn’t happened – but it can.” Now here are some pictures showing models flaunting the look…

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