‘I have cellulite and rolls – but I’ll never stop flaunting my beautiful body’

A body positivity model has gone viral for all the right reasons as she flaunted her cellulite and rolls. Karina Irby is known for her no-nonsense attitude on Instagram where she’s garnered over 1.2million followers. The bikini founder uses her platform to reach out to fans who struggle with their body image. Now in a recent post, the Australian beauty jumped around and danced on her bed as she celebrated her body in all its glory. She accompanied it with a lengthy post where she discussed her cellulite too. She said: “Mindset switch. It’s so easy for the negative voices to get so loud we can’t hear anything else. I’m too heavy. I have cellulite. I’m overweight. I don’t look as good as her.”

Karina Irby
The model boasts 1.2million followers on Instagram (Image: karinairby/Instagram)

Karina added: “My thighs look huge. My skin isn’t flawless. My nose isn’t small enough. My tummy rolls embarrass me. My hair is too thin. My bikini line isn’t smooth. “Let’s flip that to background noise. Soon to be a voice of the past. Your body truly is the GREATEST instrument you’ll ever own! It keeps you alive. Allows you to see family.” The influencer ended the post by telling fans to create beautiful memories with friends and travel the world. She concluded: “The point is. Our bodies have more good points than bad ones. “Give yourself a break and start to acknowledge all the good things your body does for you.”

Karina Irby

It didn’t take long for fans to rush to the comments section to give her praise as she teamed the caption with a clip of her celebrating her body. The post racked up thousands of likes and comments. One said: “These are my absolute favourite videos when your hubs is just in the background, totally unaffected by all of your shenanigans! That’s me & my boo too. And I can’t help but continue until I get a reaction.” Another added: “You are so amazing. Where were you when I was starving myself to half death 20 years ago?” A third commented: “Your body is an instrument, not an ornament.”

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