‘I couldn’t sit down for a month after huge b@m implants – but it’s worth it’

A model who was fed up with her ‘flat’ bum has revealed she underwent four operations to get a juicy rear. And despite it being the ‘most painful surgery she’s ever done’, the stunner – known as ‘AsianBarbieDDoll’, says it’s worth it. Barbie, as her friend like to call her, exclusively opened up to Daily Star about her surgery journey. She told us: “I have always had a flat butt since birth, and I always wanted to have a big perky butt to complement my entire Barbie doll look.

Barbie poses in a nude dress
Barbie underwent four operations to get a juicy rear (Image: BarbieDDoll)

“I started my body transformation back in 2018, when I got my first boob job, and have not stopped since then. “My first butt implant surgery was in 2020, so it took me three years and four butt implant surgeries to get to my present butt size and shape. “I see my butt as simply a part of the overall look I am trying to achieve. I continuously try to challenge myself to become the most beautiful and sexy girl I can ever be.” Asked why she wanted to go so big when it came to her bum, the model – who was born in China but now lives in the US – said she wanted to achieve the ‘Barbie look’.

Barbie before and after surgery
She was fed up of her ‘flat butt’ (Image: BarbieDDoll)
Barbie with one of her implants
The most had custom bum implants made (Image: BarbieDDoll)

“I think having an incredible butt projection to go along with my slim toned legs is exactly what a Barbie should look like,” she said. “My butt implant projection (height of the implant) is 8cm, which is more than three times higher than most “normal” butt implants. “This is an important point, as more important than the volume of the implant (which is 1000cc) is the actual projection that is achieved with the butt implant, which is what really yields the visually impactful effect. “So bigger women that have longer and wider butts than me would not have the same projection as me even if they had the same volume on their implant. “This is a point that my doctor, Dr. Ryan Stanton (aka “The Butt King”) has emphasised over and over in his social media and in person consultations.”

Barbie poses in a bikini
She said it was the ‘most painful surgery she’s ever done’ (Image: BarbieDDoll)
Barbie poses in a nude swimsuit
Barbie has spent more than £100,000 overall on her body (Image: BarbieDDoll)

As well as having custom bum implants, the same is also true for her boob job. She added: “There are many girls that have big breast implants like me, but their breast projection is not as pronounced because their implants are a lot wider. “This is because their ribcage is a lot bigger than mine. “I am a tiny girl (5’1, 96lbs). So even though my body measurements are: B40” – W20” – H38” , I still wear size XS dresses, XS tops, and size 00 trouser.”

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