‘I became Playboy model after lobbing 36G br@ at Drake – mums should feel s@xy like me’

A woman who became a Playboy model after throwing her 36G bra at Drake concert is hoping her new career will help other mums feel sexy. Veronica Correia watched the One Dance singer perform at Madison Square Garden on July 23 when she decided to shoot her shot. The 21-year-old devoted fan whipped off her bra and chucked it on stage in a bid to get the rapper’s attention – which it did. Drake – who is currently co-headlining the It’s All a Blur Tour with 21 Savage – stopped his performance and asked fans to find the woman who threw a 36G bra onstage.

Veronica Correia went viral after throwing her 36G bra on stage at a Drake concert (Image: Instagram/olivia.veronica.corr)

Unfortunately, he didn’t find her. But that didn’t stop recruiters from Playboy finding her on social media and offering her the chance to become the newest Playboy Bunny. Veronica claims she had “never considered” becoming a Playboy model before. But the young mum hopes she will inspire others to feel sexy in their own skin after struggling her own body image after giving birth to her daughter.

Veronica Correia standing on steps in black dress
The 21-year-old owned a coffee shop in Rhode Island before becoming a Playboy model (Image: Instagram/olivia.veronica.corr)

Speaking to the Daily Star, she explained: “I had never considered it before. Since this opportunity came to me, it already changed my life in so many ways. “I’m already making meaningful money from sharing my exclusive content with my fans! “And I’m able to take control of my future and show other mums that self-confidence after giving birth is possible. “The earning potential from being a creator on Playboy’s digital platform is incredible.

Drake concert
Drake stopped the concert to ask people to find her (Image: Tiktok/veronicaaacorr401)

“I know other bunnies on the platform have made millions of dollars a year, so I’m excited to be diving in head first.” Veronica, who owns the Cafe La La in Cumberland, Rhode Island, jumped at the opportunity to model and is already making “big money” from it. She said: “It was a total spur-of-the-moment thing. I didn’t decide to throw my bra until he walked by, I never expected this would blow up the way that it has.

Playboy confirm Veronica as their new bunny
The new Playboy Bunny claims she is already making money from her channel (Image: Instagram/olivia.veronica.corr)

“Drake has been one of my favourite artists forever, so it was definitely a big moment for me. “When he asked to find me, I was just in shock. I almost couldn’t believe it was happening. “Since this wasn’t planned, I just did it and didn’t give much thought to what would happen after. “Getting that first message from Playboy was such a fun and welcome surprise!

Veronica Correia in a white dress holding a bottle of wine in the air
The mum is hoping she will help others feel more sexy after child birth (Image: Instagram/olivia.veronica.corr)

“Playboy is such an iconic organisation, and I’m so excited to work with them and I’m already earning big money from my Playboy channel.” The model claims the reaction has been “overwhelmingly positive” and that she is “lucky” to have a family that has been so supportive of her career change.

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