Hailey Bieber covers nipples with fruit as she strips to barely-there chain bikini

Hailey Bieber might hold the world record for the world’s tiniest bikini after her latest string of racy snaps. The stunner showed off her golden tan and incredible curves as she was forced to cover her nipples with pieces of passionfruit to preserve her modesty. Hailey donned a tiny gold bra consisting of nothing but thin, jewel-encrusted chains that strung in a halter-neck before forming empty cups to fall around her chest.

Accessorising with a slew of chunky silver bangles around her wrists, the star put swathes of skin on display for the camera, showing off the tiny heart tattoo at her shoulder as she squinted in the sunlight.

Hailey Bieber looked incredible as she covered her nipples with passionfruit (Image: Instagram)

In another snap, she covered her boobs with her arms and held the fruit up to her face, showing off her natural beauty with a glossy pink lip and no eye make-up. Despite how small the bralette was, it set Hailey back a hefty sum, as the Jacquie Aichie piece – a 50 Diamond Bra – costs more than $10,000 (£8,000). Hailey slicked back her brunette tresses, chopped in an above-the-shoulder style, for the wet-look snaps.

Completing her look was a set of matching stacked silver hoop earrings which glinted in the sunlight as Hailey grinned for the camera. The star was posing to promote her Rhode skincare line – Rhode, after her middle name – which is launching a Passionfruit Jelly lip product.

The star slicked her wet hair back in the sultry post (Image: Instagram)

She explained on Instagram: “PASSIONFRUIT JELLY. New passionfruit jelly peptide lip treatment is coming 4/6. Sign up for the waitlist now @rhode.” The skincare line has been booming since day one, with CEO Melanie Bender explaining to Vogue Business: “We crossed the eight-figure [sales] threshold in just 11 days of selling. It’s surpassed anything I’ve ever seen.” Hailey “plays a major role in product development and overall creative direction of the brand”, as well as having a say in formulas for the line. The new snaps come after Hailey posed for a Rhode ad in her diamond bra, but added a colourful floral bikini over the top to avoid an Instagram ban.

Some fans hit out over the sexualised nature of the ad (Image: Instagram)

The star tied her two-piece together with flimsy bits of string and tucked into her passionfruit, fingers coated in fruit juice as she licked them one by one. And fans simply went wild for the post, with Demi Lovato chiming in to brand Hailey “gorgeous”. Ireland Baldwin also commented: “Passion fruit is my favourite flavour… I’m gonna lose my mind.” Another fan gushed: “She’s a goddess!” Others, however, were left appalled by how “needlessly sexualised” the photoshoot was. One critic penned: “Do we have to sexualise everything? This is an ad for lip balm ffs!” As another agreed: “I understand the need for promoting the products, but what does a lip of face product havr to do with showing your body, let alone a naked body?”

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