Fitness Trainer Joelle motivate people to start working out: Growth comes from mistakes

Joelle, The fitness trainer motivates her followers stick to healthy routine. She is also a fashion model. Her nationlity is Lebanese. Joelle speaks Arabic language very well.


What makes Joelle different from all the other instagram models?

“I’m real and got a good heart. Inner beauty first.  I’m supportive of everyone and never hate. Lastly Personality and brains.” She replied.


How would Joelle motivate people to start working out?

“Sit down alone, close your eyes and visualize how you see your best self (physically and mentally)

Grasp that feeling. Your brain doesn’t recognize the difference between reality and what’s made up in your mind… So take advantage because you will get motivated by the way you imagine your best self.

Every time you feel unmotivated, remember that moment and feeling and take action to get there.

Also, buy new workout clothes lol. That could help.” She said.

What do you look for in a man?

“I look for a reflection of myself.

Seems like too high of standards but I won’t settle for less: positive, kind, funny, intelligent, caring, genuine, loyal, fun, ambitious, loves God, and can bust a good dance move when he wants” – She answered.

What makes you the most happiest?

“Helping  people by sharing my knowledge and insight. When I make an impact on someone else’s life positively, that’s when I truly feel happy and fulfilled. Also being able to shut my phone off and enjoying real life like the beach and great people.” – Joelle said.

What’s some dating advice you offer women?

Respect is number 1. Find someone that respects you and provide the same mutual respect in return.

Also make sure you support each other and are always honest. It’ll keep the bond or trust strong.

And don’t just settle for less. Convenience and lack of self-worth may make you want to hop into a relationship, so make sure you can actually see yourself growing with that person so you don’t waste your time or his. You are a gem

Oh. and have fun together. Laugh and be yourself.

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