Fitness guru takes pics throughout weekend to show stages of bloating

A fitness guru shared snaps of her body over the course of a weekend to show how bloating can change how you look. Liz, AKA Liz Bites Back on Instagram, is known for sharing fitness advice with her thousands of followers. She recently shared some pictures to show how bodies can alter within days. In the post, Liz shared three pictures of herself in lingerie to reveal her bod in all its natural glory. The first picture was taken before the weekend, where she looks quite lean, and the second shows what her body looked like on Sunday after she’d been out for a meal. You’ll notice her tummy looks fuller after a day of eating – but then, following the weekend, she looks leaner again. She shared the pictures to show just how regularly our bodies can fluctuate. Writing on Instagram, Liz said: “Sometimes I will eat salads. Sometimes I will reach my protein goal. “Sometimes I will workout really hard and feel good, but sometimes I eat my body weight in food, and drink more then I probably should. We are human, it happens. “Does this mean you’ve ruined your progress? No. “Does this mean you are back to square one? Absolutely not. “Sure you might feel bloated, but it’s temporary. “Unless you are always drinking and eating loads then a weekend enjoying yourself every now and then is fine. “Health and fitness is about balance! Never feel guilty about enjoying your life.”

Liz shared pictures over the weekend to show how her body changed within days
The fitness babe encourages women to feel happy and confident in their own skin (Image: liz.bitesback / Instagram)

She said people deserve to eat – and “post-night” bloat is normal when you’ve indulged a little throughout the day. Everyone has days when they eat or drink a little more and Liz says we should never apologise for enjoying our lives. Since she shared the post, more than 1,000 people have liked it and left positive comments. Her followers were quick to thank Liz for exposing the reality behind body image. One person said: “Well said. Feeling bloated from my holiday drinking and eating, but a holiday isn’t a holiday without letting go a bit.”

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