Fitness guru takes pics seconds apart to show how easy it is to fake flat tummy

A gym guru took pictures of her body seconds apart to show how easy it is to suck in and hide your tummy. Lizzy High, 22, from North London, is more commonly known as Liz Bites Back to her over 110,000 Instagram followers. The online coach is known for helping people to get fit without restrictions – but her latest post revealed a nifty trick influencers use to make their bodies look leaner. Captioned “same body, a couple of seconds apart”, the pictures show Lizzy wearing a bright orange bikini. In one image she’s seen sitting up straight, posing and sucking in, while in the other she relaxes and lets her tummy sit naturally. When she relaxes her tummy looks a lot fuller – and she looks really different in comparison to the staged snap.

Lizzy High, 22, showed off her natural tummy in the candid snaps
Lizzy showed off her natural tummy in the candid snaps (Image: Instagram/liz.bitesback)

Lizzy shared the post to remind women they shouldn’t compare themselves to images they see on social media. This is because they could be edited, airbrushed or even staged to make people look “better”. Writing on Instagram, she said: “AND THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE ONLINE. “These pics are literally taken a couple of seconds apart. “For a lot of my life, I never used to relax properly in a bikini because I was worried of how my stomach looked. “I thought it was meant to be flat 24/7 but, that isn’t realistic. “Your body will change in different angles and lighting and that’s okay! “So the next time you scroll on social media and feel bad for not looking a certain way, remember that one picture is just a snapshot of how someone looks. “Comparison is the thief of joy, don’t let it steal your happiness.”

Lizzy High, 22, showed off her natural tummy in the candid snaps
The content creator wants to help women feel confident in their skin (Image: Instagram/liz.bitesback)

Since Lizzy shared the post more than 4,700 people have liked it – and many also thanked her for being so open about body image. Her followers appreciate how honest she is, and how she works to expose the reality behind heavily manipulated images. One person replied: “And this is why we love you.” Another added: “The years of sitting upright on a sunbed to avoid the dreaded rolls. Ugh finally at peace – great post queen.” Meanwhile, a third commented: “Every shape, form and size, we are all hella beautiful women.”

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