Faith Lianne has a backup account on Instagram that half of her followers don’t know about

Faith Lianne, the well known Instagram model and digital creator is now super celebrity on internet. Many of her fans would like to know about her age and relationship status. Its no strange, Because she is very gorgeous and pretty cute in different outfits.

Faith has more than 5 million followers on instagram alone. The surprising fact is that she  published less number of  posts on her verified account in compared to her backup account. That being said, the backup account has half number of followers than her regular account. Faith frequently updates the account with good content just like regular one. Username of her backup instagram handle is ‘faithliannee

She is very sweet and kind person. Also she struggled alot to reach high position in modelling industry. Some criticized her bold photoshoot and videos. We truly appreciate her for the achievements and courageous attitude of Faith during the tough times.

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