Experts reveal what your knicker colour says about you – and warn ‘never wear green’

Most women have a range of underwear sets that they switch between. But have you ever thought about what you may be communicating when it comes to the colour of your undies? Well psychologist and sex and relationship adviser Barbara Santini and Tatyana Dyachenko -sex blogger and a relationship advisor at – say you may want to start thinking about it. This is because different colours of lingerie can evoke various emotions, according to the experts. They claim that colours are a ‘big non-verbal communication form in mood-setting’. The experts also said that your chosen colour gives more details about your personality, mood, emotions and feelings.

So check out their views to see what emotions you’re giving off with your undies…

Black – assertive and confident

Love Island star Kaz Kamwi wearing a black underwear set
Black undies signify assertiveness and confidence (Image: kazkamwi/Instagram)

When it comes to women’s underwear, black is one of the most popular colours. Black undies imply an ‘assertive and confident character’, according to the experts Talking to Fabulous, they said: “Black underwear is common and one of the basic pieces in most wardrobes, but offers a hot and nearly seductive atmosphere. “When you’re looking to communicate a little mystery and show that you’re the one with all the power, pick a silky all black slip or black lace [number].”

Red – passion and fire

If you opt for red, it’s likely that you’re passionate, attractive, fiery and intense, according to the experts. They also say that just like red lipstick, rouge undies show intense excitement and desire.

Pink – soft and sweet

Love Island star Liberty Poole wearing a pink underwear set
Pink undies give off a soft and sweet vibe (Image: libertypoolex/Instagram)

If pink is your colour of choice when it comes to lingerie, the experts say this could signal that you’re ‘soft and sweet’. They said: “Where red screams, pink whispers. Pink shows tenderness and a lightness of heart. “Soft pink is feminine, youthful, and innocent. Intense hot pinks and fuchsias make an all-black outfit a little more fun.”

Purple – royalty and luxury

Purple is apparently one of the most-loved underwear colours and the colour of this year, according to the experts. They said: “Traditionally, purple has been linked to royalty and luxury. It is expensive and naturally rare. That said, purple underwear displays feminine and romantic appeal. The experts say a purple underwear set is the ideal choice for a date night.

Blue – loyalty and affection

Love Island star Molly Smith wears a blue underwear set
Blue underwear is a symbol of loyalty and affection (Image: Instagram/Molly Smith)

The experts say that blue underwear is a ‘little less mainstream’ than red or black. However, they say that when worn well, it communicates something no other colour can. “Since the middle ages, blue has been a symbol of loyalty,” they explained. “If you want to show that your affection is just for them, wear cool, calm, and relaxed blue.”

Green – envy and jealousy

The experts explain that there’s a reason they say someone is ‘green with envy’ – and that’s because the emerald shade represents just that. Although they say the colour green can drive your partner “wild with desire”, it’s often associated with jealously, which is obviously a less than admirable trait. Maybe best to avoid, then!

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