Ex-P@rnhub star Mia Khalifa reveals secret love for low budget airline Ryanair

Former Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa has shared her secret love for one budget airline Ryanair. The OnlyFans model has been crowned the fashion “it-girl” after ranking in the top 10 influencers for two fashion week seasons. Mia, 30, won the title after she generated a staggering £6.18million for five brands – more than any other influencers including Kylie Jenner and Zendaya. Posting on Instagram, influencer marketing platform Lefty.io said: “All hail Queen Mia! After spending two fashion week seasons in the top 10 influencers, Mia Khalifa is a certified fashion ‘It-Girl’ in our books. “After generating $7.6m (£6.18m) in EMV for 5 brands and surpassing both @kyliejenner and @zendaya in AW23’s influencer ranking, we caught up with the star fresh off the back of Paris Fashion Week.”

Mia Khalifa has been crowned the fashion 'it-girl'
Mia Khalifa has been crowned the fashion ‘it-girl’ (Image: @miakhalifa)

Then, in an interview with Lefty.io, the adult star revealed she has a secret love for Ryanair. Mia says the budget airline is her favourite account on TikTok. “They’re a great example of how to play your brand identity. I love them,” she told Lefty.io. Ryanair’s social media team have gone viral several times for their hilarious reactions and ability not to take themselves too seriously. In 2021, the company was one of the most successful brands on social media, according to Content Cal.

She says Ryanair are her favourite tiktok account
Mia says Ryanair are her favourite TikTok account (stock) (Image: PA)

The then Head of Social at Ryanair, Michael Corcoran told ContentCal: “We’ve conditioned social media to be a dumping ground for every piece of information available to us – Ryanair want to stand out and avoid clutter.” He went on to tell the publication that Ryanair’s tone on social media is very “self-deprecating” and far from the corporate brand speak the public is used to. “The airline wants to be part of their audience’s world in order to connect with them on a deeper level”, Michael added. Mia believes that she has seen such a success on her social media pages for a similar reason to Ryanair.

She says 'I’m genuinely having fun and I think that shows'
Mia says: ‘I’m genuinely having fun and I think that shows.’ (Image: @miakhalifa)

She said: “I’m genuinely having fun and I think that shows. “I’m not sponsored to go to the shows; the brands I work with are hand-picked because I love what they do. “As a result, I think the content I post is authentic, and my audience can see that. They get to see me genuinely shriek with joy over moments like Heliot Emils man on fire or Off-White’s incredible set”.

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