Euphoria Star Alexa Demie Personal Secrets That Very Few Know About

HBO’s drug-fueled teen drama Euphoria has an enormous fan base. Ever since its release, it did win many hearts. The plot, the story, the characters, the screenplay, and everything in between fascinated fans and how! The show’s incredible cast has acted amazingly and done justice to their respective characters; Maddy, the dramatic mean girl, is the favorite of many.

Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy in Euphoria is the talk of the town among her fans. She is touted as the recent rising star of the industry. Playing the role of Maddy, her efforts are all about bringing the character’s unfiltered and emotional side to life. And it doesn’t go unnoticed at all.

This article talks about many interesting facts you may not know about her.

Some Interesting Facts about Euphoria Star, Alexa Demie 
Know your favorite character up, close, and personal with these facts.

A Native of Los Angeles 
Alexa Demie is a native of Los Angeles. She was born in East Hollywood and grew up in the Atwater Village neighborhood of the city. She attended her high school in Los Feliz.

The Internet Doesn’t Know her Age
Yes, you heard it right. While the fans on the internet often dig out small details about their favorite celebrities, including their age, Alexa’s is hard to find. It is because no one knows her age. The actress doesn’t like her privacy to be invaded by anyone. Thus, she prefers keeping things under wraps, including her age.

That said, it is presumed that she is 31 years old.

Alexa is a Designer 
Besides showcasing her talent for acting, Alexa also showcases her talent for designing. She is an excellent designer. In an interview with V Magazine, she stated that she created a costume for one of Nicki Minaj’s first music videos.

Interestingly, she was headed to New York to study fashion before starting to book acting roles.

Alexa Demie is a Phenomenal Singer 
Another feather in Alexa’s cap! Besides acting and designing clothes, she is also a talented singer. Not only does she like to sing, but write songs too. Alexa released her first single, Girl like Me, in 2017. It happened before she landed a role in Euphoria. At one point, she was so serious about music that she decided to take a break from acting to pursue it.

She starred in Mid90s 
Maddy is not the first controversial role that Alexa portrayed on screen. Before playing it, she starred in the directorial debut of Johan Hill, Mid90s. She played the role of Estee, a high schooler. The movie became the center of controversy as there were many uncomfortable scenes showcasing her hooking up with a 13-year-old skater.

In Euphoria, Alexa plays the role of a girl who struggles with a toxic and abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

When Alexa did her Own Makeup in Euphoria 
Do you know Alexa did her own makeup in Euphoria for some time?

This information was revealed by the makeup artist, Alexandra French. She stated, “Alexa brought so many iconic makeup ideas to the trailer, and we made it happen. I loved being a part of her creative process and diving deep into Maddy’s character.”

Her Sources of Inspiration 
It is no doubt that Alexa’s acting talent is highly convincing. She draws her inspiration from the most renowned Femme-Fatales of Hollywood. When she was young, she watched Casino and loved Sharon Stone. In fact, Stone’s portrayal of Ginger McKenna inspired her to become an actress.

She had a Connection with the Industry 
Not many people know this, but Alexa is the daughter of the late Scott Wilson Vanerstrom, who was ᴀssociated with the film industry. Scott had many on-screen accolades and was a celebrated actor of his time. He was best known for his recurring role on CSI – Crime Scenes Investigation.

He also played veterinarian Hershel Green on AMC’s The Walking ᴅᴇᴀᴅ.

The Actress is not Religious, but Spiritual 
There is a thin line between being religious and spiritual, and Alexa understands it quite well. She highlighted in an interview that she is spiritual but not religious.

“I am not religious like that. I am just spiritual. I just believe in a God, which is in all of us and angels and fairies and aliens.”

She Launched an Eyewear Brand in High School 
The talented actress and designer also launched an eyewear brand when she was in high school.

She stated that she went to downtown Los Angeles and got a box of wholesale sunglᴀsses and decorated them with jewels and other embellishments. After landing a retail order via a store, she spent the next three days handcrafting each pair. The owner sold them at a boutique in Japan and made a lot of money. Her idea became immensely popular.

Eventually, stars like Jennifer Lopez, G-Dragon, and Nicki Minaj began to wear the frames. Alexa even traveled to Japan and Taiwan for trade shows. Her designs were featured in Vogue Korea. Sadly, once she realized she was doing so much work for zero compensation, she stopped designing the glᴀsses.

She is in a Long-Term Relationship
Many details about Alexa Demie’s personal life remain unrevealed. But there is some scoop on her personal life.

Reportedly, the actress is in a long-term relationship with 34-year-old Christian Berishaj. Their relationship began in 2017. Christian is a singer and songwriter. He goes by the stage name, JMSN. He has also worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Tyga.

Christian and Amy’s relationship is private. Interestingly, she has been featured in some of her boyfriend’s music videos.

She was Seen in Azealia Banks’ Music Video 
Besides her boyfriend’s music video, Alexa was also involved in other music projects. When she started in 2013, the rising star had a small role in Azealia Banks and Pharrell William’s music video for ATM Jam. It was the rapper’s debut album, Broke with Expensive Taste.

Alexa also starred in other videos: The Neighborhood’s Stargazing, JMSN’s Slide, and Angelica.

A Dog Lover by Heart
Alexa Demie is a dog lover. At present, she resides in a three-bedroom house, nestled in the San Fernando Valley. She lives in the company of her two beloved dogs. When she is not filming, she loves to spend time with her pets.

A Low-Key Presence on Social Media 
Many celebrities like to share glimpses of their personal lives with their fans on social media platforms. As a result, they post snaps, stories, and other updates. However, Alexa Demie begs to differ.

Her social media presence is very mysterious. She doesn’t like sharing private posts or stories on her account. She uses her Instagram as a digital mood board only to create characters. Alexa stated, “I think you can even see it on my Instagram. You don’t get to know too much of my personality.”

She has designed a Whole School for Children 
Besides designing clothes, there is something more that Alexa did. Once upon a time, she designed a whole school for children that honors and nurtures their creativity. She hopes to get it built one day in the future. According to Alexa, “I don’t want to just stunt on Instagram, I want to be a part of something that makes moves.”

A Missed Opportunity Shaped her Bright Career 
A year before auditioning for the fan-favorite show, she failed to land a role for Augustine Frizzell’s movie, Never Goin’ Back. Little did she know that this missed opportunity would land her a prominent role in Euphoria and make her so famous!

“At the time, I was so discouraged about acting because I wasn’t getting any scripts that I loved.”

The Actor runs in Reality TV Circles 
Alexa is often seen running in reality TV circles, her friendship with the Kardashians being one of them. You will often spot many pictures of them hanging out together.

When the Actress took a Phone-free Vacation to Mexico before Euphoria aired
In an interview with Vogue France, Alexa shared that when the first season of Euphoria premiered in June 2019, she traveled to Tulum in an attempt to have a television-free and phone-free vacation.

“I was off my phone for the most part. Until I started to watch the live reactions. We were trending number three worldwide and number one in the US. It was too much not to look!”

The Star loves watching Comedy 
Although her personality on the show is very dark, and she plays dramatic roles on screen, Alexa really loves to watch stand-up comedies. She attends stand-up shoes as her soul and spirit crave comedy.

Her Spotify Discography is a Banger 
Alexa’s Spotify Discography highlights that she has the whole package. Besides acting, she is a phenomenal singer. As of now, her Spotify boasts two tracks. Her 2021 release, Leopard Limo, is loved by the audience and how! In the track, her vocal is smoky, layering over the wind of sultry production. Fans often compare her voice to the iconic Lana Del Rey.

If Alexa decides to quit acting someday, she will definitely make it big in the music industry.

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