Euphoria Star Alexa Demie is Now in Target with Ageism

Alexa Demie, who portrays Maddy Perez in the critically acclaimed HBO drama, Euphoria, is the latest actress to be targeted with ageism. Which, the idea that a woman is only as good as her age and/or looks is something we should have evolved past by this point, but unfortunately, that’s not the case and this situation proves it.

And it’s understandable that fans naturally want to know everything about their favorite celebrities. But privacy needs to be respected, and despite Demie seemingly wanting to avoid discussing her age, people have continued to obsess over her age in comparison to her character.

The fascination with Demie went to an extreme it shouldn’t have until her age was seemingly confirmed by a TikTok posted by the actress’ former classmate.

In the end, many people defended Demie, calling out the double standards that are applied when it comes to female and male actors or even men and women in general. They especially defended Demie against those calling her too old or those people “losing their minds” because of her age when no one does the same thing to male actors in teen dramas in the first place.

How’s this for a double standard: you find out a guy is 31 and it’s no big deal, let’s let him play younger characters, who cares, he looks good! But the world finds out Alexa Demie is 31 and everyone loses their minds  . Stop holding women to an impossible age limit

— Michelle Elaine (@itsmichelle_e) February 23, 2022

Alexa Demie’s age shouldn’t even be a factor when it comes to her career or the roles she books. It’s her performance that should be talked about. And it’s absolutely no one’s business nor does Demie owe anyone an explanation. She plays the role of Maddy perfectly, which is why she’s such a fan favorite. And it’s time to move past these sorts of conversations for good and just appreciate the work women-identifying actors are doing.



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