‘Euphoria,’ says Jacob Elordi of his scenes with Alexa Demie, are ‘always very real.’

Euphoria only became more dramatic in season 2. Nate Jacobs’ (Jacob Elordi) violence toward Maddy Perez (Alexa Demie) escalated after their breakup leading to a terrifying moment. Elordi talked about filming that scene and why he felt like it was very real.
Maddy and Nate’s relationship changes in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2‘

The first season showed Maddy and Nate having an off-and-on relationship. Season 2 picked up with them already broken up. Nate started hooking up with Cᴀssie (Sydney Sweeney) secretly while entertaining the thought of getting back with Maddy.

That possibility was ruined when Maddy found out about their secret affair. Nate also decided to forcefully get the DVD of his father, Cal (Eric Dane) having Sєx with Jules (Hunter Schafer) from Maddy. He did this by threatening her with a gun.
The season ended with Nate breaking up with Cᴀssie. Maddy warned her that this is all just the beginning with Nate, which might hint that their relationship won’t be over in season 3.

Jacob Elordi explains why their scenes are ‘always very real’

Maddy and Nate’s scenes are usually very intense because he’s so abusive to her. Elordi talked about his real dynamic with Demie, and how they’re able to play those scenes together.
“With Alexa, I know that girl so intimately now,” Elordi told Variety. “Over the years, we’ve done so much intense work together, and we’ve both put our bodies and minds on the line with each other so many times. I think there’s a natural trust there.”
Elordi then talked about filming the scene of Nate threatening Maddy with a gun to get the DVD of his father back. “When we just look in each other’s eyes, there’s a whole season of memories,” he explained. “It’s always very real. We had to map out the scene and figure out how we were going to do specific sH๏τs that Sam Levinson wanted to do. But he also wanted us to feel comfortable because it’s such an insane scene, so we had to be able to get to where we were going. It was super charged, but actually quite enjoyable to shoot.”

It’s hard to say if this is truly the end of Maddy and Nate. Maddy revealed in season 2 that she doesn’t think she will experience a kinder love. But this was also before she found out her ex-boyfriend was hooking up with her best friend then held her at gunpoint.
But it’s also possible that Nate won’t continue his relationship with Cᴀssie either. His father leaving really impacted him and he has shown some signs of changing. It looks like everyone will have to wait to find out what’s next for their characters.



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