Emily Faye Miller In See-Through Bodysuit Is ‘Going Out To Get Milk’

The season 2 contestant on the hit Netflix reality series “Too H๏τ To Handle” left very little to the imagination as she gave fans a look at her see-through bodysuit. Although she joked about wearing the barely there fabric to go buy groceries, fans would actually love to see it! Emily Faye Miller Leaves Very Little To The Imagination In Her See-Through Bodysuit

It looks like the British model is getting ready for a pH๏τoshoot as she stands in front of her mirror and gets ready in front of a bathroom counter that contained two sinks. She has a variety of products set up on the counter in front of her and a large ᴀssortment of make-up brushes lying beside the sink to her right. Emily has her long dark hair tied up in a messy bun as she looks at the camera, applying shiny pink lip gloss with the edge of her finger. She is wearing a strapless long-sleeve black bodysuit that wraps around her body like a bathing suit, leaving only sheer material from the waist down as she flaunted her sunned buns for the camera. Emily Faye Miller sнows Off The Front Of Her Sheer Bodysuit

In a second sH๏τ, the “Too H๏τ To Handle” reality star turned around to show off her front of her sheer black bodysuit, which is covered in shimmering silver gems. There are three silver hooks that stretch across the center of her chest, leaving three small round cut-outs going down from her chest to her core. She paired her outfit with dangling silver earrings and her signature gold “Emily” necklace. In this sH๏τ, she is showing off her pedicure as she stands with one lean leg crossed over the other. She is wearing strappy black heels to compliment her outfit, but added a pop of color with neon green fingernails. She has one hand up by her face in this sH๏τ, as if she is about to brush away the wavy bangs that are framing her face. Emily’s Boyfriend and ‘Too H๏τ To Handle’ Costar Says She Never Buys The Milk!

The words written on the mirror say, “Wow. You look good, Emily!” and fans can’t help but agree as Emily turned around again to share another pH๏τo that featured her running her fingertip alongside the edge of her lip. She is again giving fans a rear view of her see-through bodysuit, showing off her sun-kissed summer tan underneath the sheer fabric that covered her legs. In the caption of this Instagram post, Emily teased, “Going out to get milk.” However, her boyfriend and season 2 “Too H๏τ To Handle” costar Cam Holmes, teased, “You never buy the milk” alongside a skull emoji. “Do you?” one fan asked. “I mean, that’s what he implied,” another follower responded. “When they go buy milk, they don’t come back lol,” a third fan teased. Emily’s ‘Too H๏τ To Handle’ Costars Can’t Stop Gushing Over Her Steamy Snaps

In another pH๏τo, the social media sensation turned around again to give fans another look at the front of her outfit. She is still standing with one leg bent at an angle in front of her, with her hands braced on the counter on either side of her. Fans and famous friends alike could not stop gushing over her steamy outfit. Her “Too H๏τ To Handle” season 2 costar Carly Lawrence commented, “My lover.” Another season 2 costar, Larissa Trownson, commented, “WTFFFFFF” alongside four ғιʀᴇ emojis. “Love Island” reality star Eve Gale wrote “Omg” alongside a heart-eye emoji while her non-identical twin sister, Jessica Rose Gale, added “Insane” alongside a heart-eye emoji. TikTok star Amber Phillips commented, “Unreal tbh.” Season 4 reality star Kayla Richart also dropped three heart-eye emojis on her post. Many of her fans and famous friends continued to drop heart-eye, red heart, and ғιʀᴇ emojis on her latest steamy snaps! Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of Emily Faye Miller!

Fans also couldn’t get enough of her steamy snaps. “You are my favorite influencer!!!” one fan exclaimed. “Someone call the ғιʀᴇ brigade,” another follower teased alongside several ғιʀᴇ emojis. “My God, you are stunning!!!” a third fan gushed. “You stay slaying,” another follower chimed in. “Living for you, queen,” another fan shared. “You are so beautiful,” another follower agreed while another fan called her a “dream woman.” Interested in more Emily Faye Miller content? Fans just can’t get enough of the “Too H๏τ To Handle” H๏τtie! In another recent Instagram post, the popular model flaunted her sun-kissed summer tan in floral lingerie! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!

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