Dua Lipa’s Perfume Application Strategy Is Actually Genius

When it comes to fragrance, singer-songwriter Dua Lipa knows what she likes. “I normally only ever use one perfume for both day- and nighttime,” Lipa, who has served as YSL Beauty’s Libre collection ambᴀssador for the last few years, says. “And with the new Libre Le Parfum, I now better understand the moods of fragrance and the benefit of having an essential to match a moment.”

Lipa is talking about the latest Libre Le Parfum, a more intensive fragrance that combines notes like lavender, orange blossom, and saffron accord. It’s available in four size options, starting at $30, and is a slightly spicier take in both mood and note from its predecessors.

“This version really focuses on femininity,” master perfumer and Libre developer Anne Flipo tells BAZAAR.com. “We wanted something powerful, but even more sensual, and features our signature ginger-and-saffron duo, which was developed exclusively for Libre Le Parfum to make it very Sєxy and carnal.” Libre’s saffron note in particular is intended as an olfactive tribute to Guerlain’s beloved Fleur de Feu fragrance, which was often praised by Mr. Saint Laurent himself.


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