Dua Lipa Wore a Sheer Prada Dress in Her Latest PH๏τo Shoot

Dua Lipa’s fashion sense is nearly as recognizable as her certified bops, which get played on repeat all over the radio. So, we had no doubt that a Vogue cover shoot would yield more headline-worthy looks from the global pop star.

On the cover of the publication’s June/July issue, the hitmaker wore a see-through Prada dress with a gray bodice that flowed into a black-and-green netted skirt. Underneath, she wore a matching tank top and black H๏τ pants. Her dark hair was pulled into a middle-parted low bun and metallic silver eyeshadow was swept across her lids.

Another look featured a shredded, fringed white dress by Khaite that revealed a matching bra and underwear set beneath the strands of fabric. She wore her long hair down and tucked behind her ears, and she completed the look with chunky Proenza Schouler loafers.

During the interview, the superstar opened up the challenges that come along with being scrutinized on such a large scale. The singer’s infamous dance moves — especially one specific hip swivel — have left her at the ʙuтт-end of many jokes, which she says was difficult for her when she was so focused on the music itself.

“All I ever wanted was for it to be about the music,” she said. “My goal was, I want the music to be good enough so that people would talk about that more than anything else. But unless you’re a fully formed pop star who’s trained in pop-star camp for five ҒUCҜing years before you hit the stage for the first time, one misstep, one wrong move, one dance that doesn’t really work and it’s used against you. That was ҒUCҜing hard for me.”


Lipa’s cover also came with a requisite 73 Questions clip, which has become the publication’s signature video series. It was filmed during Los Angeles tour stop (just one of over 100 concerts) and showed her in one of her amazing costumes.


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