Dua Lipa Embraces Her Inner Rave Girl for Her Latest Puma Collection

Flutur Drop 2 takes inspiration from the dance raves of yesteryear.


Dua Lipa’s latest collaborative collection with Puma is still all about the music.

For the pop star’s newest drop, dubbed Flutur 2, Lipa took inspiration from the vivid shades, holographic detailing, and retro silhouettes that exist within old school rave culture. Lipa stars alongside her crew of dancers in the collection’s official campaign imagery, captured by New Jersey-born pH๏τographer Jordan Hemingway. A major focus of the collection is a special ʙuттerfly lettermark that the singer saw on vintage rave flyers and had a personal connection to as well. As she gears up to release her third studio album, the singer is finding herself within her own sort of creative metamorphosis.


“The ʙuттerfly represents transition, metamorphosis, and new beginnings. I felt like in the beginning, when I first started working on drop one, the ʙuттerfly already had a lot of meaning for me,” Dua Lipa said in a statement. “Now, going into the second drop, that meaning has just solidified itself and become even more important in my life. It feels like everything progressed and manifested itself in that way.”


Flutur Drop 2 is a generous offering for the sporty style-inclined. The new collection includes matching co-ord sets, velour tank dresses, sporty mini skirts, and color-blocked bowling bags and chunky platform sneakers — all pieces that one would find Lipa herself incorporating into her delightfully eclectic day-to-day wardrobe.


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