Dua Lipa Announced Her Puma Collaboration With a Peekaboo Thong

It’s called Flutur and, yes, there are ʙuттerflies involved.

Whether we knew it or not, Dua Lipa was teasing her upcoming collaboration with Puma for the past few months. Anyone perusing her Instagram page will have noticed her penchant for ʙuттerfly-embellished ’90s throwback looks. Now, fans can see that she incorporated her love of those winged insects into the new collection.

Called Flutur, which is the Albanian word for ʙuттerfly, Lipa’s Puma collaboration drops on December 18 and features iridescent ʙuттerfly motifs — all of which she teased on IG with a gallery showcasing the wares and, notably, a peekaboo green thong. No word on whether or not that’s part of the full Flutur collection, but fans can expect shrunken baby T-shirts, a sneaker, and a hoodie from the first capsule, with more on the way throughout 2022.

“For me, ʙuттerflies are more than just beautiful creatures,” Lipa said about the Puma x Dua Lipa Flutur capsule. “They represent so much, like transformation, hope, and metamorphosis. Over the past year, the ʙuттerfly has become especially symbolic and meaningful to me.”

Lipa’s Instagram had a few more images of the collection, which will range from $30 to $110 and be available online at www.puma.com.

Of course, there’s a video to bring the whole campaign to life. Famed German pH๏τographer Daniel Sannwald sH๏τ the clip, which shows a “psychedelic fairy tale” that highlights Lipa’s “metamorphosis from the chrysalis emerging into a ʙuттerfly, from darkness to Technicolor.” It’s a lot to describe a trippy, CGI fantasy, but fans of Lipa are sure to love every second.

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