Danielle Bregoli Turns 18, Immediately Joins OnlyFans, Makes $1 Million in 6 Hours B

Not all rags to riches stories are heartwarming, and it’s not just because the rags part reflect society’s failings.

Danielle Bregoli’s rap career as Bhad Bhabie was an overnight success, but it all started when she was acting out in a toxic household.

She turned 18 one week ago, and almost immediately launched her OnlyFans account.

And Bhad Bhabie says that she raked in $1 million from subscribers in the first six hours alone.

Did you know that it takes several days, usually about a week, between applying to be an OnlyFans creator and being approved?

With that in mind, it seems likely that Danielle applied on her 18 birthday (the auspicious date of March 26).

Her OnlyFans went live on April 1, six days later. And it is already paying off.

Danielle is charging a hefty price for monthly subscribers.

But, as we are about to show you, that only accounts for the largest chunk of her OnlyFans income.

People can send money under individual posts (tips) or send tips via messages to get her attention.


Danielle shared a screensH๏τ from her computer showing the earnings from her first several hours of OnlyFans.

She had already raked in $1,030,703.43.

Her opening price for baseline subscriptions (which at the time cost $35 a month) accounted for three-quarters of a million in earnings.

Over a quarter of a million of Danielle’s mᴀssive earnings came through direct messages (with tips attached).

She also raked in over $5,000 from tips on her individual posts.

Looking at those numbers, it’s clear that she has many thousands subscribers, only a few initial posts, and a lot of demands for her attention.

Some have taken their concerns even further, saying that Danielle is just a famous example of minors being “groomed” into Sєx work.

That is sometimes literal, but sometimes a bit of a stretch.

But if an adult in Danielle’s life was in any way nudging her towards this while she was a minor, yes, that would be a horror.


A number of Sєx workers who are all too familiar with the “grooming” concern note that … lots of people start their jobs at 18.

Not all jobs that require that someone be an adult have anything to do with Sєx or nudity.

(I worked in a grocery store deli at that age and I had to be 18 to be allowed to use the meat and cheese slicers)

Sєx workers and advocates have noted that it’s not contradictory to be leery of grooming and support Sєx work.

Like, you can support any job and the workers who do that job. Any job. Firefighters, accountants, journalists.

That doesn’t mean that you like the idea of minors being tricked into signing up for those jobs, right?


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