Danielle Bregoli Throws Major Shade at Kim Kardashian on Twitter!

They call her Bhad Bhabie for a reason.

Meme-turned-social-media-personality-turned-rapper Danielle Bregoli is young, and she’s frequently ill-behaved.

In her short time in the spotlight, Bregoli has already become infamous for her scorched-earth celebrity feuds.

The artist formerly known as the “Cash Me Ousside” Girl rose to fame by beefing with Dr. Phil and his entire studio audience.

These days, of course, Bregoli has bigger fish to fry, and she’s turned her attention to roasting A-listers:

Early in her career, Bregoli didn’t receive the respect she felt she deserved from fellow celebrities during her visits to LA.

These days, Bregoli is the star of a popular reality show and has officially made the jump from online influencer to actual celebrity.

And so, she’s circling back around to throw shade at the stars who may have accidentally disrespected her during her rise to the top.

Yes, in response to a throwback post from Paper magazine, Danielle revealed that she’s not wasting any time thinking about Kim Kardashian.

The hostility is surprising, until you remember that this might have been somewhat of an embarrᴀssing episode for Danielle.

Kim reportedly didn’t recognize Danielle and ᴀssumed she was just a young fan seeking a selfie.

Bregoli’s followers were quick to remind her of why she’s still so salty all these months later.

“And Kim definitely isn’t thinking about it because I don’t think she knows your name,” wrote one commenter.

“Kim Kardashian West didn’t even know who you were when she took this pic, she thought you were just a regular fan but this disrespectful poorly raised girl is feeling herself,” another tweeted.

“Didn’t you ask her for a pic??” a third pointed out.

But naturally, Bregoli had her fair share of supporters, as well:

“We love u @BhadBhabie,” wrote one follower.

“BICH I LOVE YOU,” another replied.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Bhad Bhabie has clashed with the Kardashian clan.

Bregoli’s feud with Kylie Jenner is the stuff of legend, as the teen rapper came out swinging against the cosmetics billionaire shortly after attaining fame.

“I don’t like her, like the way that she does s—t,” Denielle said in a February 2017 interview.

“It seems like she wants attention so bad. How do you go from lips the size of a twig and a body that looks like a f—king paperclip and now you look like [a] hourglᴀss?”

Sadly, Kylie has yet to respond.

Danielle might have to beef with Khloe if she wants to draw a response from this family.

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