Crotch-flashing shorts rinsed as fashion fans say they are only suitable for ‘pap smear’

A pair of crotch-flashing shorts have been rinsed by fashion fans – who have deemed them only suitable for a ‘pap smear’.

Wiggling out of your trousers and folding up your knickers is an all too common experience for those who have an appointment to check the health of their cervix.

But undressing behind the curtain as the nurse waits to eye up your bits may be something from the days of the past thanks to these extreme booty shorts.

The ‘Chic One Side Hollow Out Denim Shorts’, by Hong Kong based fast fashion brand Modakawa, are advised as ‘kawaii’ – meaning cute in Japanese.

However, many people had quite the different way to describe the denim attire.

exposed denim crotch shorts
People have said that the shorts are only suitable for a ‘pap smear’ (Image:

The original poster posed a question that got quite the response from Twitter users – and let’s just say they are far from ‘chic’.

“In what circumstances could you wear this”, they asked in the post that has now been seen four million times.

The fashion forward were quick to comment their answers – and it looks like the shorts will be more likely be seen in the GP waiting room than on the catwalk anytime soon.

One person chuckled: “Pap smear.”

Another user added: “Now that’s actually so convenient.”

While a third voiced: “If you’ve got a yeast infection and you want easy access to the scratch territory.”

denim shorts with exposed crotch
You’ll have to be brave to wear those! (Image:

Someone else giggled: “When the kitty needs a breather.”

Meanwhile, a fifth mocked: “I’m sure I’ll see it in Church.”

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