Coco Lodge Claimed Love island producer Asexualized her

LOVE Island bombshell Coco Lodge has taken another swipe at the show – claiming bosses ‘forced her to wear a bikini she wasn’t comfortable in’.

Coco, 28, was one of the latecomers during last year’s Love Island but had arguably one of the most talked about moments with Andrew Le Page.

Coco has opened up about her time in the Love Island villa

Coco has opened up about her time in the Love Island villaCredit: Instagram
She claims bosses forced her to wear a bikini she didn't feel comfortable in

She claims bosses forced her to wear a bikini she didn’t feel comfortable inCredit: ITV

However she didn’t get off to a great start and has insisted producers didn’t listen to her initial concerns.

She said: “When you first arrive to isolate you have to take photos in three options.

“I wanted to wear this orange swimsuit I had, which was flattering for my body.

“They decided I should wear a bikini though so I was going back and forth with them because I didn’t feel comfortable.”

Coco added to the MailOnline: “They said they didn’t want anyone in swimsuits and they wanted us all in bikinis.

“They forced me to wear a bikini and when I got there, one of the other girls was in a swimsuit so I thought… you told me I wasn’t allowed and I really didn’t feel comfortable walking in wearing a bikini… I was humiliated.”

A show insider slammed Coco’s claims, saying: “Islanders can always wear what they want and the show would never let islanders go into the villa feeling uncomfortable. If anything, due to the show’s partnerships, they have lots of choices.

“No producer would have said that. Islanders make connections during their time on the show and we watched along as Coco explored hers with Andrew.”

ITV tell The Sun: “Islanders are never told what to wear. The decisions they make and connections they form are theirs and theirs alone.”

It comes as Coco admitted that appearing on the hit series ‘ruined’ her dating life.

In a new video, Coco told fans:  “Just so you know if you get out and you are single, it ruins your love life.

“I genuinely didn’t do anything or see anyone for five or six months when I first came out.

“Not until the other day did I go on a date for the first time and see someone. So just make sure you are aware that it will ruin your love life.”

She added: “So make sure you get in a lot of fun before you go in or just hold onto your man really tight in there because it really screws your love life over.”

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