Cindy Gutierrez shares stunning beach photos taken in Hawaii

Cindy Gutierrez (born 13 November 2001) is a popular fashion model. Her birth place is Maracaibo, Venezuela. She is  22 years old as of the year 2023. Cindy has associated with several clothing brands and did photoshoots.

Cindy also collaborated with the fitness brand Zoelle Fit.  She is very active on instagram with over 110K followers.  Cindy married to her boyfriend after two years of their lovely relationship.

Cindy Gutierrez – ZoelleFit

According to Cindy, Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

“Let me tell you that everything you set your mind to can be achieved! Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan. Fight to get where you want to go, life is full of obstacles but believe me those obstacles are nothing when you win” Cindy said.

Cindy wrote this amazing piece of words on her birthday “Hence also my smile and seasoning! Today I want to celebrate it, not because I have a party, I celebrate it because I am grateful to be alive.

Because I would like to live many more years and continue to be a beautiful and successful woman! Today I am thankful for good friends, which are few! Because as I said this week “I am known to many and intimate to few” the cindy that you see on the networks, determined and empowered, is like that for almost everything. only those who know me very well know that I am also absolutely sentimental and with a very sensitive heart.

my mom told me today “cindy, those of us who have such a strong temperament are the most tender too” and that’s right… those of us who are so passionate are for everything. to love and to discuss, to enjoy and to work, for everything!!! I always put my heart into what I do and feel! They tell me that I have to learn to be more rational and I don’t know if that is learned. I really don’t even want to learn how to do it. because part or most of my success is putting my heart into everything! if it breaks sometimes… I cry and continue. but I will continue to be so passionate to love, to work, to continue being a rebel, to smile, to live, to travel, to be a woman that my parents and my partner see feeling alive and fulfilled. ”

On the wedding day, Cindy wrote

“Just like a dream come true!

I always dreamed of this moment, a good woman, who is always on the right track, a full-fledged woman, a fulfilled woman! They say that one chooses in life what he wants, since I was little I had always dreamed of getting married, having a beautiful wedding, and a prince charming! and let me tell you that it was not a dream, everything I dreamed of today is reality, and if prince charmings exist, and they are not those we see in the movies, the most handsome and strong men! (It does not mean that I do not have it) but it is much more than that, Prince Charming is about a man who respects you, values ​​you and represents you! and I found mine, and obviously I couldn’t let it go.

Thanks to my parents and my family for guiding me and always taking me with the hand of God, for educating me and teaching me, thanks for always showing me the true meaning of love and because since I was little I saw that example in them! In my family there has always been respect and love for others, so the same thing that they taught me, I will teach and keep in mind all my life”

It is evident from her words that Cindy is very down to earth and sweet person besides gorgeous.

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