Christian ad@lt star teases ‘kids aren’t home’ as she goes t@pless in racy snap

A former teacher and mum caused quite a meltdown with her snap this week. Courtney Tillia first made headlines when she quit her job as a teacher in favour of selling racy snaps. The ex-educator turned to an adult-subscription site as a full-time career, earning nearly a million through three pages. Adult star Sofia Rose says ‘people call me fat but health is not about size’ Now she’s happy with her career switch and is certainly profiting by showing a glimpse of her double life on Twitter. Posting to her 53,800 followers on the platform, the mum, from the US, stripped down and posed completely topless. She wore a pair of orange thongs as she stood almost nude in her kitchen.

Courtney Tillia
The adult star was almost naked in the saucy snap (Image: courtneyltillia/Instagram)

The mum cheekily captioned it: “The kids are at summer camp so we have the house to ourselves, are you hungry?” She styled her hair in an updo and wore eyelash extensions, as well as minimal makeup. Courtney flaunted her nude torso but strategically placed her right hand on her boob to cover her modesty. Fans got a good glimpse of her side tattoo which is of a butterfly and flower. But she wasn’t completely naked as she wore a pair of slinky underwear for the money shot. Since she shared the post earlier this week, it already racked up dozens of likes and comments. One said: “Hello love,” as another commented with the cutlery emoji.

Courtney Tillia
She claimed ‘God told her to’ pursue the racy career (Image: courtneyltillia/Instagram)

A third Twitter fan even asked if she was selling penis ratings, to which Courtney claimed she was offering a discount. The mum worked as a teacher before going full-time on OnlyFans. She claimed it would have taken her 25 years to earn what she currently had through teaching.Previously, Courtney claimed she quit her job to pursue sex work as “God told her to”. Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “Before I left teaching, I felt super disconnected from myself and also God “I didn’t know what my life’s purpose was or how I was meant to help others. She actually turned to the adult entertainment industry with encouragement from her husband Nick.

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