Cheeky female football fan flashes breast tattoo to give TV host massive scare

A Hearts supporter decided to flash off her breast tattoo in an interview with Italian TV – to the shock of the presenter and viewers alike.

The woman, named Natasha, attempted to pay tribute to her Hearts-based tattoo live on air with Tancredi Palmeri following their 3-0 win over Edinburgh rivals Hibernian last weekend. The video, which has now gone viral, was posted live on social media on Friday evening.

But it is the placement of the tattoo which left the journalist shocked and panicking as he thought his broadcast will be become X-rated…and quickly. The woman appeared to be with her Hibs supporting partner at the time and he almost stood back and watched the incident.

Palmieri was filming a transfer piece SportItalia and the pair almost just gate-crashed him, with Palmeri striking a conversation with the Hearts fan. Natasha and her partner were visiting Milan during the week and they decided to speak about her stilettos.

But the Hearts fan was only interested in talking about the 2012 result when the Jam Tarts beat Hibs 5-1. Natasha’s tattoo has that scoreline on her chest and she was more than open to showing it to the public. In a quite frankly bizarre exchange, Natasha asked Palmeri: “Do you know Heart of Midlothian?”

The Hibs fan desperately tried to stop any conversation and said: “No, no, no.” However, Palmeri, who cut a frustrated figure given he was doing a transfer piece, responded: “Yes we do.”

Then Natasha decided to show off her tattoo in front of thousands of viewers on line as she chose to rip out her breast from under her dress and show it to the public. Palmeri quickly realised his mistake by saying “yes” to the Hearts question and put his hands over the area.

It all seemed to be done in a friendly manner, as after the exchange, Palmeri posted on Twitter with a photo of Natasha. He tweeted: “When a blondie heavy Hearts of Midlothian fan storms into your transfer window live hit and wants to show to whole Italy her pride against Hibernians from the bottom of her heart. I’d say from the bottom of her boobs.

“Meanwhile, Natasha took to Twitter as well to explain the incident. She joked: “Was only having a steak dinner and took it too far.”

She added: “We only went for a meal. Heard the boy outside talking about Edinburgh so ran over and this was it. There’s no second interview apart from we took him for a drink and Hibs are bottom of the table.”

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