Brave model wears nothing but duct tape in public and says experience was ‘freeing’

A model dropped jaws as she rocked nothing but body tape to a high-profile event. Amber Fields revealed how it took her around 7 hours to apply the tape all over her body. The influencer wore it to an event she worked at in Jamaica which saw models wearing different versions of the tape. She said: “They had all of us wearing different versions of this non-toxic body tape and we all had a blast. “At the end of the day all of us who we’re working just had a mini photo shoot at the pool.” The tape pattern was specifically designed to hug the models’ figures and accentuate their curves.

Amber Fields recently rocked the look to an event in Jamaica
The model covered her entire body with the duct tape (Image: CO Press Office)

Speaking about the risqué look, the Playboy Playmate added: “The event was fun. “Wearing only body tape was definitely a cool and freeing experience. “It was like being naked but better, it was so fun.” If you’re wondering where the duct tape trend really started, you’ll have to thank Joel Alvarez for that.

Amber Fields recently rocked the look to an event in Jamaica
She dropped jaws with the look (Image: CO Press Office)
The “King of Tape” founded the fashion brand Black Tape Project back in 2008 and it’s been a huge hit ever since. Instead of clothes, he uses an array of different tapes to coat the models from mirrored and metallic materials. Over a decade later, the brand now has 542,000 followers on its Instagram and recently appeared in Miami Swim Week. Since then we’ve seen hundreds of models and influencers sporting the risqué look.
Amber Fields recently rocked the look to an event in Jamaica
Amber took a few snaps of the outfit beforehand (Image: CO Press Office)

Previously we saw models standing in Times Square wearing nothing but duct tape. Nicki Hill wowed the crowd in her shiny gold “bodysuit” which saw gold-coloured tape cover her modesty. In the clip viewed more than 64,000 times, she put on sunglasses and posed near-naked in front of the billboards in New York. The reflective sticky tapes are attached on her skin in the pattern of a plunging V-shape – both at the front and the back.

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