Bikini-clad babe wipes out while snowboarding in viral video

This scantily clad babe is turning up the heat on the slopes.

A snowboarder caused quite a stir on the slopes when she posted a video of herself going down the mountain in only a bikini.

Erica Wada, who goes by Jade Wada on social media, posted the video on her Instagram account, which boasts 5,380 followers.

“My t – ts out yet,” Wada captioned the video, first posted in May but just now going viral.

While she didn’t appear to have a wardrobe malfunction in the footage, she did take a spill while performing a jump stunt, but managed to get back on her feet.

Wearing sunglasses and a black two-piece, Wada showed off impressive skills gliding over ramps for jumps and pipes.

The avid snowboarder also posts her more covered-up ski adventures on her TikTok.

Wada is hardly the first person to bare almost all while hitting the slopes.

Back in 2019, a bunch of Instagram influencers posted photos of themselves playing in the snow in just bikinis — and defended why they pose in their swimwear on the slopes.

“I’ve been taking variations of this photo for years,” said then-32-year-old Breanna. “But Instagram makes it trendy now.”

“We women are just sick of winter, and we get sick of wearing frumpy clothes and being covered from head to toe,” continued the photographer. “It’s a way to reclaim the winter and have fun with it.”

A scantily-clad snowboarder is turning up the heat after going viral for wearing only a bra and panties on the slopes.
A scantily clad snowboarder is turning up the heat after going viral for wearing only a two-piece bathing suit on the slopes.
Erica Wada / CATERS NEWS
Jade Wade -- who was identified as the snowboarder -- posted the video on her Instagram, which boasts a whopping 5,380 followers.
Jade Wada posted the video, which revealed the painful part of hitting the slopes sans snow pants, on her Instagram, which has 5,380 followers.
Jade Wada

Celebrities also took part in the trend.

Kendall Jenner posted a few skimpy photos in January 2022 wearing nothing but fur boots and a bikini in Aspen, Colorado.

The snowboarder is not the first person to bare it all the elements.
Snowboarder Wada is not the first person to bare almost all to the elements.
Erica Wada / CATERS NEWS

“Wim Hof said ice baths,” wrote Jenner in the social media post, referring to the Dutch motivational speaker and extreme athlete.

Another snowboarder was mocked on the slopes for wearing a one-piece swimming suit.

Arina Balerina went viral on TikTok — racking up 4.5 million views on one video — after showcasing her skills on the slope.


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Several people labeled Balerina and her friend as “attention seeking.”

“Such a sad way to get attention,” trolled one user.

“Life has become very cheap,” slammed another.

“Excuse me, I’m not here for the snow just more followers on the ‘gram,” chimed in a third person.


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