At 56, Salma Hayek’s Entire Bod Is Toned AF In N@ked IG Photos

Salma Hayek is all about self care and she’s got the photos to prove it. The 56-year-old star just dropped two photos of herself getting her sauna on. In the snaps, she’s got a towel covering her breasts and pelvis—looking seriously blissed out as she shows off her toned abs and sculpted arms. To stay as fit as she is, Salma makes sure to keep her day-to-day life active and full of movement. Self-care is an important part of wellness, and Salma Hayek is all about it. The Magic Mike’s Last Dance star just dropped two photos on Instagram of herself getting her sauna on. The pics are simple: In them, the 56-year-old actress is stretching out on a bench in a sauna. She has a towel covering her breasts and pelvis and looks seriously blissed out as she shows off her toned abs and sculpted arms. “Embracing the healing power of the sauna and sweating out the stress this #WorldWellbeingWeek 🙏🏼,” Salma wrote in the caption. While her message was about World Wellbeing Week, people in the comments couldn’t get over how amazing she looks. “Most beautiful woman I’ve seen,” one wrote. “Queen 🔥🔥🔥,” another said. Salma looks so strong and glowy right now. What’s she been up to? Well, she’s super active in her day-to-day. Salma regularly shared pics and video on Instagram of herself swimming and snorkeling in gorgeous waters. Salma is big on walking with her dogs, too. “This is my version of exercise and these are my #dogs coaches…These are my trainers!” she shared in one Instagram post.

She has weights around, by the way. She joked in one Instagram video that she’d rather be at the beach than working out. (Check out her impressive selection of free weights, though!) But Salma will hit up the treadmill—she just does it Salma Hayek style. The actress previously shared a video of herself shaking her hips and shoulders as she walked on the treadmill. “I hate working out, but I love dancing 💃🏾,” she wrote. Salma also told Entertainment Tonight that her role as a socialite on Magic Mike was physical. “It’s very physically challenging,” she said, of a steamy scene she had where Channing Tatum gave her a lap dance. “It’s just complicated.” Food-wise, Salma has made it clear that she’s not into restrictive eating plans. “I don’t like to diet and I ‘m not good at it,” she said on the Juice Generation website (she collaborated with the company to create its Cooler Cleanse line). So, she tries to eat a balanced diet, but makes sure to make room for whatever she’s craving. Salma is all about the food ‘grams, by the way. Check out her eating paella in Spain: And a delicious-looking spread for Cinco de Mayo:

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