As Taylor Swift transforms to Sєxy rocker, her changing faces as good girl turns bad

The singer may appear all pretty and innocent but she can give Cheryl Cole a run for her money when it comes to pulling out the dance moves

Taylor Swift has just given Cheryl Cole a run for her money and transformed into the Sєxiest thing imaginable on stage.

But it’s not the first time she’s shocked us on stage.

The singer continued her RED tour in Singapore this week, and went equipped with a seriously H๏τ wardrobe for her many changes throughout the night.

Taking to the stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the blonde bombshell flicked her hair, twerked and danced for all she’s worth – and it all looked totally H๏τ, of course.

In one sH๏τ, the star’s hair is blown all over the place (very like Chezza in THAT L’Oreal advert actually, and she’s wearing a sheer white shirt tucked into some denim shorts.

Going back to her country roots then.


But keen to prove she loves ALL styles, the star then changed into a tiny red dress with huge train for dramatic effect and looked like she’d stumbled off a theatre set.

Harry Styles look away now.

So, to celebrate all things Taylor, here’s a look at how she’s changed over the years.

She started out as a true country pop star, who dressed in tiaras and princess ballgowns in her music videos.

But 22-hitmaker Taylor Swift has come a LONG way since those days.

Harry’s ex hit up the stage in Japan in some seriously Sєxy outfit in June.

Now, she’s barely recognisable from the girl-next-door image she held when she burst onto the music scene in 2008.

Her first awards ceremonies were the perfect opportunity for curly-haired Tay Tay to dress up in pink glittery dresses and cowboy boots.

Months pᴀssed, A-list pals were made, and the cowboy boots were swapped for stilettoes.

After the release of her first album, Fearless, she discovered bodycon and hair straightners.

Then she made friends with Miley, and her dresses got shorter.

It wasn’t long before she was catching the eye of some of Hollywood’s most eligable batchelors. Surprise, surprise.

After flings with, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and John Mayer, Tay penned her next album.

And she became known as the girl who wore her heart on her sleeve – and the one you had to be careful about dating if you didn’t want to be the subject of her next LP.

By day, the blonde-haired sweetheart found her inner fashionista, and skinny jeans, pretty tea dresses and beanie hats filled her wardrobe.

When she was dating Harry Styles, the pop princess was rarely seen without a bobble hat on her head.

But when things ended, Taylor Sєxed up her image.

Gone were the granddad shoes and knee-length skirts – in came H๏τpants, crop tops and trainers.‘

At the MTV Video Awards following their split, Tay showed Harry just what he was missing in a skin-тιԍнт black plunging gown.

At the Victoria’s Secret show a few months later, Tay dressed in a some teeny tiny dresses, and was seen spanking the Angels as she performed on the catwalk.

Since then, her image has gone from bad to badder.

On Saturday night, the blonde songstress wore he most revealing and raunchy outfits yet as she performed to her fans in Japan.

Taylor showed off every inch of her slender frame in a silky red low-cut leotard and matching gloves before changing into a saucy black catsuit and knee-hight boots.

Have a flick through our gallery of her changing image below to see the full extent of her transformation.


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